What did we do first?

We made some handmade/crafted sketches and converted these via the CAD-programme Rhino into 3D models.

More information about Rhino:



Team 3D-print – digitale data – Max & Matthias

The two boys made sure the 3D Models in the Rhino programme were perfectly alright and took care of the export of the digital data for the prototyping


Pictures Team-digital Data

Team 3D-print – finishing treatment – Matteo, Arianna & Francesca

The team started with a research of the after treatment of the 3D prints. They bought the material they needed, made a test run and planned the finishing treatment of 18 pieces.


Pictures Team-After treatment

Team Accounting – Elisabeth

Elisabeth had the responsible task to set up a financial care, so she collected from each student i.e.15 €. That way each team got its money back for the material it had to buy. Finally, she also took care of paying the 3D print.


Pictures Team-Accounting

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